Week 15: Finger Painting Art Activity


This is my attempt at finger painting. This experience for me was very interesting because of the limitations i had. It was very hard to create something only using your fingers, 3 colors and small pots of paint, and a plain white paper. I tried to mix the colors to see what color i would get out of it but instead it made a mess. It was way harder than i thought it would be because my finger would not pick up as much product as i wanted it to. I thought this project was similar to our graffiti painting because we were able to draw freely rather than focusing on trying to create something in particular. The activity was different because of the tools use with your fingers you have a bit of control but not as much as a spray paint nozzle. I would definitely do this activity over again just because of how stress relieving it was 🙂

Week 15: Artist Conversation- Patricia Martin & Sovanchan Sorn

Sovanchan is an undergrad student who is looking to obtain her degree in fiber. The reason why she chose to obtain her degree in fiber was because she liked the fact that fiber can moved or manipulated into anything she liked. She likes the fact that it is flexible enough to let her have full control of what she wants the material to do and shape it in the exact way she would like. Sovanchan is from Long Beach and before attending Cal State Long Beach, attended Long Beach City College. For now she does not really have any plans for grad school but is thinking about it little by little. She enjoys working with her hands and spending time with her family when she can. The best thing she says is showering, sleeping, and eating. Her favorite food is thai food, pasta, and french fries.

Patricia Martin is also a student in fiber, except she is planning on obtaining her degree in Masters of Fine Arts, Fiber. She is currently enrolled in her 1st semester of her grad program which is a 3 year program. She has always dreamed of becoming a major in fiber. Her dream began when she was 16 and has also accomplished many other things. In the past she has done print making, wood, and even metal programs. Fiber is more of a general category she is in but works with thread, string, and tye dye. The best thing she likes about working with fiber is the fact that it is a piece of art that is 3 dimensional. One of the downfalls she states is the lack of structure when working with fiber.

From walking into this gallery these 4 images are the pieces that caught my attention. My favorite out of all 4 has to be the little shoes. I thought the way they were made and even the size was adorable. The stitching on the shoes was done so neat and clean and the touch of colors on the shoes made them look extremely valuable. Whenever I happened to come across any pieces like this, it inspires me to try to get into a hobby like this where I am forced to be patient and pay attention to very small details.


Week 14: Classmate Conversation- Linda Nguyen

img_7562Hi Everyone!

This is my classmate Linda Nguyen! She comes from a family with 2 younger sisters. Linda is a second year student at CSULB and is planning on majoring in Health Science. She plans on going to a school that offers education to become a Physical Assistant. She decided to major in both these because she really enjoys helping people. Linda loves dogs just like me and says if she could have one she would name it Gorgonzola. Her favorite food is korean food and enjoys the color pink! As for the question of the week Linda thinks school in 2036 would be extremely expensive just because of how much prices have been going up each year and also because of all the advances in technology there would be. She can picture school looking like holograms or an option of school online only.

Week 13: Classmate Conversation- Marysol Jimenez & Laura Locket


I decided to create a classmate conversation with two girls this week and that is Marysol Jimenez and Laura Lockett. We created a photo together that we thought would be cool. It was a photo made of cells with a nucleus right in the center. As I spoke to both of my classmates I learned that each of them is a second year and Cal State Long Beach. We have very similar interests and all shared that we decided to take this class for two main reasons. One being to help boost our GPA and second to open our minds more to different things we normally arent used to and exposed too. We had a discussion about what we each feel art truly is and we all had different opinions. Marysol thought that art could be pretty much anything. Even something as simple as a scribble from a crayon onto a blank piece of white paper. Laura on the other hand thought that art had to be something with passion and meaning behind it, expressing your passion onto the art that is created. We all enjoyed the visitor Carla who came to discuss her work and personal experiences. We all agreed that it would be tough and would take a lot of courage to do what Carla does. We thought it would be pretty scary putting content out into the world for everyone to judge.

Week 12: Artist Conversation- Sage Garver

Artist: Sage Garver

Exhibition: BIO

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Media: Polyurethane foam, Foam carver, Brass, Iridescent plastic film, Chains

About the Artist: Sage is an undergrad student from Hermosa Beach that is attending California State University, Long Beach hoping to graduate in the spring of 2017. She is planning on obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture. At the moment she is not planning on attending graduate school but says she might sometime in the future. Sage always did art just to pass time but got into art more during her high school and college years.She enjoys working with her hands and being able to create something. In college she began her major as drawing and illustration but decided that she wanted to create art that was 3-dimensional rather than something with a plain flat surface. Since she lives in Hermosa Beach, Sage likes being outdoors like hiking by the beach particularly in Palos Verdes. Her hobbies also include swimming and cooking. Her favorite food is Mangos.

Formal Analysis: When you enter the gallery you are in an all white room. The main part of the gallery would have to be the walls. Each wall had something different there were pieces that looked as if they were almost coming out of the wall. Each one was a different size and different shape. Some of the shapes were even protruding out of the wall more than others. Most the the shapes looked like circles, swirls, and pointed sponges. Right in the center was an iridescent ball hanging from chains.

Content Analysis: Most of these shapes were of cells and biological systems in the human body. Each one represents different parts of you as a person. In the center of the room that ball hanging from chains is read as the controller of the system or the nucleus of the body or cell. The reason why Sage chose white as the color of the walls and all the cells was so that it matched the gallery’s walls to make it look like it was emerging from the wall and was one entity. The chains that hung the ball represents the exterior or the interior of the body that hold everything together.

Experience: When I decided to write about Sage and her gallery it was because of the reason why she made the gallery to begin with. I thought the effort and time it took to create this gallery was beautiful and the end result was even more beautiful. My first impression was that I was under the sea with the Little Mermaid. Even though thats not what it was, it triggered memories inside of me and brought me to a happy place.

Week 11: Classmate Conversation- Selena Lara


This is Selena Lara! She will be turning 21 in December and is enrolled in her 5th year at CSULB. She is planning on obtaining her degree in healthcare administration and dedicates most of her free time volunteering on the labor and delivery floor at kaiser. Selena told me that every year makes her feel a little bit closer to accomplishing her dreams and gives her something to look forward to. One of Selena’s favorite things to do is collect nail polish, that’s one of the things I have in common with her I probably have every color you can think of. Her obsession at the moment is the show The Voice and she’s team Miley. Her favorite color is red and her favorite food is Chinese food. Selena has a black chihuahua and she likes to think of her dog as her child! Some of Selena’s favorite places to be are the beach and the canyons because she gets to see a view of the entire city. Selena also told me something pretty personal she grew up in Compton and one of her biggest challenges has been moving past the day her apartment was broken into. She continuously feels like she has to watch her back. It tears her down because she does not feel safe in her own neighborhood and constantly feels like her privacy is being invaded which make it hard to build trust with people. We asked each other the question of the week and her answer was that she believes everyone is entitled to their own opinion and she feels like Demi Lovato was not wrong by questioning and commenting about the photo made of her and I agree 🙂

Week 11: Artist Conversation- Kyle Kruse

Artist: Kyle Kruse

Exhibition: Janus Maxim

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Media: Wood Carving, Sculpture, Video

Website: kylekruseart.com

Instagram: kyle.kruse

About the Artist: Kyle Kruse is a 6th year at California State University, Long Beach and is currently getting his degree in Print Making. He began to like art because of his grandparents and their history with art. Kyle stated that his grandparents were art collectors so he got most of his first glimpses of art through them and he even was inspired by some of those pieces. Marc Chagall’s piece Le Grand Bouqet was one piece he vividly remembers. He always knew he wanted to turn art into a career but his childhood actually caused him to begin drawing and creating things. He would often go into junkyards and try to gather pieces that he would be able to create something else out of. Kyle stated that he also has insomnia and during the periods where he is unable to sleep he will often begin to create his art pieces. On his free time, Kyle likes to rock climb at the Hueco Tanks state park or the Joshua Tree National Park.

Formal Analysis: Walking into the gallery you immediately step into a room of darkness the only lights that are shown are upon the 3 main pieces on stands and the paintings/drawings on the wall right behind each piece. Covering the stand was also cloth which looked like an animal skin with fur on it still and it was under each piece. From left to right the pieces each had a name Prometheus, Janus, and Sisyphus. Each figure representing cycles of human progress. Up on the opposite side were 3 different videos playing and on the floor dirt everywhere which made it seem realistic like the audience to was in the videos.

Content Analysis: Most of Kyle’s inspiration for his art pieces comes from the research that he does on the side. Most of what he researches are from books and the internet and what he researches is psych theories or philosophical stuff. The main part of the gallery that he wants his audience to grasp is called the “void” which is what lies between the what happened and what we remember. From this gallery he also wanted his audience to grasps sensations meaning the unconscious reactions to things we really have not quite processed and things we do not quite understand.

My Experience: My experience with this gallery was that it had a mysterious dark vibe. The pieces where all very detailed and made with care. The videos that were placed on the wall even looked like they were made very thoughtfully and carefully because with this gallery I sensed that every detailed would matter. I liked the theme behind the gallery because of its mystery. The artist left his statement there for the audience to read it and really made me want to look into more psych theories behind the message that Kyle was trying to give to his audience.