Week 2: Classmate Conversation W/ Araceli Lozano


This is Araceli Lozano! She is currently enrolled in her last year at the Beach and is planning on graduating with a degree in Human Resources with a minor in Native American studies. Her and I have similar interests like hanging out with friends and hiking. Araceli also loves to kayak..that’s something I’ve always wanted to do! The reason she took this class was to complete her general education classes for graduation and she thought this class would be a good balance to her other classes. She was actually excited to hear that our teacher would be awesome too!

Araceli says she would describe her overall college experience to be tough since she is a first generation college student. She says it was basically her teaching herself how to do everything such as filling out college paper work and such but she said the EOP program at school really helped her a lot. OH, and she joked saying the freshman 15 is SO real..i feel you girl! Her favorite food is anything her mom makes like Mexican dishes, but Pozole is definitely the top of her list! Her definition of art is something that is captivating for the receiver of the art, something that you can feel deep within you when you look at the piece of art, and finding beauty in the world.


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