Week 3: Classmate Conversation W/ Aleah Lomeli

fullsizerenderHey everyone! This is Aleah Lomeli!

This is currently Aleah’s first year at CSULB and she is majoring in social work. She commutes all the way from Whittier, which I guess isn’t too far. Aleah decided to take this Art 11o class because she took an intro to art class in High School and really liked it so she wanted to take an even better art class in college because she thought it would seem a bit more fun. So far, she’s loving college she says it’s so much more different than high school and she really enjoys the fact that our campus is so unique and diverse and that everyone is SO NICE! Aleah’s favorite genre of music is definitely lots of oldies and hip hop. Her favorite food is pasta, which is awesome because pasta is the best! Her favorite stores she likes to shop at are Forever 21, Hollister, and usually any small boutiques around town (those are always the best spots to shop at). Aleah says her favorite place to be is her room because she kind of considers it her own mini dorm room. As for the question of the week she thinks that pop art definitely has the most influence on her life and the lives of others just because it stands out the most, brings things to life, and can always lift people’s spirits up 🙂

You can find Aleah at: aleahlomeli28.wordpress.com


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