Week 4: Automatic Drawing


Completing this activity made me realize how honest and creepy energies of people can be. I decided to complete this project of “Automatic Drawing” with my boyfriend and to be honest we thought it was pretty weird. My boyfriend being the jokester that he is decided it would be funny to rub his hands all over the poster after we scribbled on it which made me pretty upset because I thought it was ruined. So i grabbed the black pencil and began scribbling over everything once more. As you can see the top of the photo was the side I was sitting at and it’s pretty dark. Im guessing it was because I was upset so I put more pressure on the pencil. Eventually I wasnt so upset anymore because it actually looked pretty cool and I thanked him and apologized for over reacting. Then the crazy thing we realized was that it almost looks like a heart. Maybe it was all in our head but I’d like to think it was fate…super cheesy, I know 🙂


3 thoughts on “Week 4: Automatic Drawing

  1. Hey Marlene, sorry about the stress – but wow – what an interesting process and result! Did you guys feel good about it in the end? Or just something to put in the past? Thanks for finding your way through this.


  2. I hope you’re ok with it in the end… I guess what’s so interesting is that when we look at some painting or drawing, it might be a “happy scene” or a quiet moment, or troubled moment, but we think of the painting itself as physically neutral – the scene might be intense, but the painter may have been calm in the making… but here the image itself is a sort of physical document of your process that night. That’s intense! (hopefully in a sort of good way)

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