Week 6: Artist Conversation- Ryan Taber


Artist: Ryan Taber

Exhibition: Wood Exhibition

Media: Wood

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: none

About the Artist: Ryan Taber is a student in the California State University, Long Beach Wood Program. This wooden exhibition that he is a part of is fairly new and is apart of the exhibition with many other students who are also in the wood program at The Beach. The purpose of their gallery is to create unique designs and pieces with the wood but to also remain true to the true nature of the wood. They also are a group who considers ecology when creating their art. Ecology is the study of nature and their interactions with the environment around them.

Formal Analysis: My first impression of the gallery was that everything looked so different and unusual. I know wood pieces may all look different just because when they are created they might have unusual meanings we might not quite understand until the artist actual explains them. The piece that did stand out the most was the one created by Ryan because of the colors used. There was red, black, white, and brown in the piece. It had antennas attached to the top of the piece. Inside of the piece it had a light bulb. It looked quite similar to a paper lantern I have seen that people usually release into the sky during memorials or special celebrations

Content Analysis: The piece Ryan created was called “Of Light Remains”. After analyzing the way the piece looked I connected the purpose and ideas they have behind their pieces and creating them, to my own idea of what it would be. I thought it might have actually been a paper lantern with the same purpose to be released into the sky. When something contains light I always interpret it to being something positive. The back of the piece was open and on the bottom also had a piece of cloth attached that had a tribal pattern which made lead me to the location of a forest of open land in the middle of no where. Since their purpose is to create pieces that are connected to ecology this was my conclusion. The piece was a symbol of a culture that used pieces similar to this one to release into the sky during a celebration.

Synthesis/My Experience: My experience with this piece was that it was unique because it could have been interpreted in many different ways. I never really took much thought into art pieces made out of wood because I never considered the possibilities that wood could be. Art can also be very eco-friendly. After looking at this piece it made become a more positive and to always look on the bright side of things.


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