Week 8: Classmate Conversation- Yuli Torres


This is Yuli! We actually have each other for more than one class but we never knew! She is a second year student at Cal State Long Beach like myself and is currently undeclared. Yuli loves food and her favorite food is pizza. Yuli decided to take this class because she has always been interested in art and the history behind art. She finally got the opportunity to take this class and was super excited. Some of her favorite things are: food, cats, and listening to music. She doesn’t have a specific genre she listens to and pretty much likes everything 🙂 Yuli works at Forever21 and always tells me she can spot someone wearing forever21 clothes. She mentioned her job isn’t the best ever but she doesn’t mind what she does. Since meeting Yuli we’ve completed most of our artist conversations together and are always talking about how cool our different projects have been. Yuli’s dream is to have a pool of cats and lay with all of them.


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