Week 8: Japanese Garden Sketching


This is my sketch of the Japanese Garden. It’s not the cleanest sketch and as detailed as i wished it would have came out. I would have wanted to actually draw it with colored pencils but knowing me I could not have done that. I am a virgo and virgos are the biggest perfectionists. I love paying attention to detail so I would have needed to constantly erase. Overall, the sketch did not come out too bad. I found by doing this it actually really relaxed me. When I took art as a freshman in high school I remember being intimidated by all the other students in my class because they were all seniors and I was afraid my art would not be as great as theirs. After completing a few art pieces they loved it and at the end of the year my teacher actually wanted me to join the school’s advanced art class. So drawing this brought me back to that happy memory and made me realize how much I enjoy drawing and creating art. Concentrating on drawing this makes you forget about life for a minute and draws your focus to the beauty you are trying to create.


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