Week 9: Activity Art Care Package


For this week’s activity we were told to create and art care package and send it to someone. The person I immediately thought of my boyfriend because I have so many photos of us together from the days we began to date up until now. I never really touched these photos since the day they were taken and I’m sure he would be happy that I reminded him of all these great and memorable times we’ve spent together. These photos remind me of all the happy times we’ve spent together and why it is we are together :)<3

  1. An ACP is similar to sending a Snapchat because when sending a snapchat you get to create and take the photo the way you would like to sending to one particular person.
  2. It is different from sending a Snapchat because the snapchat is sent immediately where as the ACP takes some time. In an ACP you can also collage many things together which take more time and effort where a snapchat is only a photo from that exact moment and is quick.
  3. Ephemera is something that was enjoyable at the time, but I think photos or even keepsakes mean so much more because they remind you of that special day or moment such as my concert ticket in the photo. It was the first time my boyfriend and I went to a concert together and it was so memorable and thoughtful because I had an amazing night and he did too even though he didn’t really know who the artist was.
  4. There definitely is a difference between art at a show and an ACP you send to someone because of the meaning and emotion there is behind it that only you know about.
  5. I think the time does not make a difference, slower is better because it gives you something to look forward to and be excited about.
  6. An ACP is way more meaningful when the time is taken to really create something special for that other person, you can definitely put in a lot of love even though it is not like snapchat.

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