Week 9: Artist Conversation- Dalia Banuelos & Daniel Bonilla-Vera

Artist: Dalia Banuelos & Daniel Bonilla-Vera

Exhibition: Infraction

Media: Photography, Fiber, Sculpture

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: (Daniel’s) dbvphotography.com

Instagram: (Dalia’s) deliaeffect & (Daniel’s) dbvqp

About the Artist:

(Dalia): Dalia has always been around art as a child because her mother is a photographer and her family is involved in art as well. She never imagined herself going in this direction but she took an art class once and she felt she was bad at it but continue pursuing it. Dalia transferred from a community college in Los Angeles to CSULB and applied for her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree twice and got rejected both times and ended up in studio. During this time she planned this show and has learned what types of sculptures affect emotions and wanted this art show to recreate those exact emotions she felt when she was rejected. This gallery was Dalia’s way of coping with those emotions. Dalia’s special interests on the side of art are martial arts, drawing abstract and realistic things, and is currently taking a jewelry class which she enjoys very much.

(Daniel): Daniel has always had an interest in art for the longest but he planned on majoring in music or some sort of art. His high school photo class changed what his interests were going to be because he realized his real passion was photography. Daniel is a transfer student from the College of Sequoias near Fresno. He assisted Dalia in this show because he was denied on his first application into the BFA of photography and is currently in the process of his second application. He stated his role in this gallery show is more complimentary to Dalia’s show. He says he doesn’t really have many hobbies outside of photography because he goes to school and works full time.

Formal Analysis: When walking into the gallery you must first pass a black curtain which leads into a small dark room with only one light which is facing one figure right down in the middle and a figure huddled into the corner. Surrounding these figures are multiple photos by the artists in which they said were photos that where found to have not “made the cut” by their professors and some that they even considered trash. There is one string in the middle of the gallery that also holds these photos and fibers that hold photos on the walls like picture frames.

Content Analysis: The name infraction serves as a response to an unfortunate event, the definition of infraction is doing things that goes against certain rules, laws, or regulations set forth by an institution and this whole gallery goes with the opposite of that. The example they gave was the photos that were placed in the gallery. Photos are supposed to be shown clean in frames but instead they used alternatives, like fiber string to hold the photo together. Most of the fibers in the middle of the gallery were all made by one string so if that one string was cut it would make everything fall down, thus making it very fragile. The figures in the show establish emotion and a more realistic feeling. It also kind of gives the audience an unsettling feeling. The figures were meant to illustrate the exact moment of receiving the news of being rejecting. Seeing the actual figures in real life and those figures being in the artists actual clothes gives an even deeper emotion.

My Experience: My experience with this gallery was that it was relatable not only to myself but to every single person. There is always that one or multiple times in your life where you are rejected by something or someone who is extremely important to you. It is the most unsettling  feeling you get when there is also absolutely nothing you can do about it. The pain and resentment you have toward everything around you is so real, you feel like the whole world is against you and you constantly think back to yourself “Was there anything I could have done better? Could I have changed the outcome if I would have done this differently?”


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