Week 10: Artist Conversation- Alicia Keyworth

Artist: Alicia Keyworth

Exhibition: Oddments

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Media: Fiber

Website: aliciakeyworth.com

Instagram: aliciakeyworth

About Artist: Alicia is currently enrolled in California State University, Long Beach and is planning on obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fiber. Alicia stated that as of right now she does not plan on going to graduate school. At the moment she is getting her teaching credentials for grades K-12. She plans on becoming an art teacher because she already has her bachelor’s degree in art education. Alicia stated that she has always liked art throughout her life and actually started at Cal State Long Beach with an intention of majoring in Graphic design but when she took a fiber dye class that changed her mind. On Alicia’s free time she loves to go to the beach since she has lived in So Cal her whole life. One of Alicia’s dreams would be to collaborate with a fashion company such as Eileen Fisher.

Formal Analysis: When entering the gallery, you can’t help but be curious as to what each piece is made out of and what exactly inspired the artist to create these exact pieces and put them in their art gallery show. Each piece looked very detailed with many colors and many different clothing materials. There were some piece that were made of jeans and ripped up t-shirts but by looking at the piece you would never think that they were made of scraps of clothes. The pieces ranged from seats, to jumpsuits, to even shirts made of shirts.

Content Analysis: The reason behind the name “Oddments” goes into the actual definition of the gallery title. The word “oddments” means scraps and loose pieces combined. Alicia wanted a name for her gallery that stood for exactly what she was doing with each piece in her gallery. Her inspiration behind this was to use recycled clothes that she would find working as a fire technician for the fire department. She also stated that she watched a documentary on Netflix called “The True Cost” which talks about actually wearing art for fashion. She wanted her art pieces to be useful objects but also wanted the art to be able to be displayed in a gallery for an audience viewing.

My Experience: This gallery made me appreciate the time it takes to create such detailed art and makes me admire Alicia’s patience but I would imagine it taking quite a while to complete these projects. I liked that fact that Alicia was able to recycle clothing and use it for something useful and meaningful. The clothing pieces that she made were very unique and nice to look at.


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