Week 11: Classmate Conversation- Selena Lara


This is Selena Lara! She will be turning 21 in December and is enrolled in her 5th year at CSULB. She is planning on obtaining her degree in healthcare administration and dedicates most of her free time volunteering on the labor and delivery floor at kaiser. Selena told me that every year makes her feel a little bit closer to accomplishing her dreams and gives her something to look forward to. One of Selena’s favorite things to do is collect nail polish, that’s one of the things I have in common with her I probably have every color you can think of. Her obsession at the moment is the show The Voice and she’s team Miley. Her favorite color is red and her favorite food is Chinese food. Selena has a black chihuahua and she likes to think of her dog as her child! Some of Selena’s favorite places to be are the beach and the canyons because she gets to see a view of the entire city. Selena also told me something pretty personal she grew up in Compton and one of her biggest challenges has been moving past the day her apartment was broken into. She continuously feels like she has to watch her back. It tears her down because she does not feel safe in her own neighborhood and constantly feels like her privacy is being invaded which make it hard to build trust with people. We asked each other the question of the week and her answer was that she believes everyone is entitled to their own opinion and she feels like Demi Lovato was not wrong by questioning and commenting about the photo made of her and I agree 🙂


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