Week 13: Classmate Conversation- Marysol Jimenez & Laura Locket


I decided to create a classmate conversation with two girls this week and that is Marysol Jimenez and Laura Lockett. We created a photo together that we thought would be cool. It was a photo made of cells with a nucleus right in the center. As I spoke to both of my classmates I learned that each of them is a second year and Cal State Long Beach. We have very similar interests and all shared that we decided to take this class for two main reasons. One being to help boost our GPA and second to open our minds more to different things we normally arent used to and exposed too. We had a discussion about what we each feel art truly is and we all had different opinions. Marysol thought that art could be pretty much anything. Even something as simple as a scribble from a crayon onto a blank piece of white paper. Laura on the other hand thought that art had to be something with passion and meaning behind it, expressing your passion onto the art that is created. We all enjoyed the visitor Carla who came to discuss her work and personal experiences. We all agreed that it would be tough and would take a lot of courage to do what Carla does. We thought it would be pretty scary putting content out into the world for everyone to judge.


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