Week 15: Artist Conversation- Patricia Martin & Sovanchan Sorn

Sovanchan is an undergrad student who is looking to obtain her degree in fiber. The reason why she chose to obtain her degree in fiber was because she liked the fact that fiber can moved or manipulated into anything she liked. She likes the fact that it is flexible enough to let her have full control of what she wants the material to do and shape it in the exact way she would like. Sovanchan is from Long Beach and before attending Cal State Long Beach, attended Long Beach City College. For now she does not really have any plans for grad school but is thinking about it little by little. She enjoys working with her hands and spending time with her family when she can. The best thing she says is showering, sleeping, and eating. Her favorite food is thai food, pasta, and french fries.

Patricia Martin is also a student in fiber, except she is planning on obtaining her degree in Masters of Fine Arts, Fiber. She is currently enrolled in her 1st semester of her grad program which is a 3 year program. She has always dreamed of becoming a major in fiber. Her dream began when she was 16 and has also accomplished many other things. In the past she has done print making, wood, and even metal programs. Fiber is more of a general category she is in but works with thread, string, and tye dye. The best thing she likes about working with fiber is the fact that it is a piece of art that is 3 dimensional. One of the downfalls she states is the lack of structure when working with fiber.

From walking into this gallery these 4 images are the pieces that caught my attention. My favorite out of all 4 has to be the little shoes. I thought the way they were made and even the size was adorable. The stitching on the shoes was done so neat and clean and the touch of colors on the shoes made them look extremely valuable. Whenever I happened to come across any pieces like this, it inspires me to try to get into a hobby like this where I am forced to be patient and pay attention to very small details.



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