Week 10: Artist Conversation- Alicia Keyworth

Artist: Alicia Keyworth

Exhibition: Oddments

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Media: Fiber

Website: aliciakeyworth.com

Instagram: aliciakeyworth

About Artist: Alicia is currently enrolled in California State University, Long Beach and is planning on obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fiber. Alicia stated that as of right now she does not plan on going to graduate school. At the moment she is getting her teaching credentials for grades K-12. She plans on becoming an art teacher because she already has her bachelor’s degree in art education. Alicia stated that she has always liked art throughout her life and actually started at Cal State Long Beach with an intention of majoring in Graphic design but when she took a fiber dye class that changed her mind. On Alicia’s free time she loves to go to the beach since she has lived in So Cal her whole life. One of Alicia’s dreams would be to collaborate with a fashion company such as Eileen Fisher.

Formal Analysis: When entering the gallery, you can’t help but be curious as to what each piece is made out of and what exactly inspired the artist to create these exact pieces and put them in their art gallery show. Each piece looked very detailed with many colors and many different clothing materials. There were some piece that were made of jeans and ripped up t-shirts but by looking at the piece you would never think that they were made of scraps of clothes. The pieces ranged from seats, to jumpsuits, to even shirts made of shirts.

Content Analysis: The reason behind the name “Oddments” goes into the actual definition of the gallery title. The word “oddments” means scraps and loose pieces combined. Alicia wanted a name for her gallery that stood for exactly what she was doing with each piece in her gallery. Her inspiration behind this was to use recycled clothes that she would find working as a fire technician for the fire department. She also stated that she watched a documentary on Netflix called “The True Cost” which talks about actually wearing art for fashion. She wanted her art pieces to be useful objects but also wanted the art to be able to be displayed in a gallery for an audience viewing.

My Experience: This gallery made me appreciate the time it takes to create such detailed art and makes me admire Alicia’s patience but I would imagine it taking quite a while to complete these projects. I liked that fact that Alicia was able to recycle clothing and use it for something useful and meaningful. The clothing pieces that she made were very unique and nice to look at.

Week 9: Activity Art Care Package


For this week’s activity we were told to create and art care package and send it to someone. The person I immediately thought of my boyfriend because I have so many photos of us together from the days we began to date up until now. I never really touched these photos since the day they were taken and I’m sure he would be happy that I reminded him of all these great and memorable times we’ve spent together. These photos remind me of all the happy times we’ve spent together and why it is we are together :)<3

  1. An ACP is similar to sending a Snapchat because when sending a snapchat you get to create and take the photo the way you would like to sending to one particular person.
  2. It is different from sending a Snapchat because the snapchat is sent immediately where as the ACP takes some time. In an ACP you can also collage many things together which take more time and effort where a snapchat is only a photo from that exact moment and is quick.
  3. Ephemera is something that was enjoyable at the time, but I think photos or even keepsakes mean so much more because they remind you of that special day or moment such as my concert ticket in the photo. It was the first time my boyfriend and I went to a concert together and it was so memorable and thoughtful because I had an amazing night and he did too even though he didn’t really know who the artist was.
  4. There definitely is a difference between art at a show and an ACP you send to someone because of the meaning and emotion there is behind it that only you know about.
  5. I think the time does not make a difference, slower is better because it gives you something to look forward to and be excited about.
  6. An ACP is way more meaningful when the time is taken to really create something special for that other person, you can definitely put in a lot of love even though it is not like snapchat.

Week 9: Artist Conversation- Dalia Banuelos & Daniel Bonilla-Vera

Artist: Dalia Banuelos & Daniel Bonilla-Vera

Exhibition: Infraction

Media: Photography, Fiber, Sculpture

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: (Daniel’s) dbvphotography.com

Instagram: (Dalia’s) deliaeffect & (Daniel’s) dbvqp

About the Artist:

(Dalia): Dalia has always been around art as a child because her mother is a photographer and her family is involved in art as well. She never imagined herself going in this direction but she took an art class once and she felt she was bad at it but continue pursuing it. Dalia transferred from a community college in Los Angeles to CSULB and applied for her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree twice and got rejected both times and ended up in studio. During this time she planned this show and has learned what types of sculptures affect emotions and wanted this art show to recreate those exact emotions she felt when she was rejected. This gallery was Dalia’s way of coping with those emotions. Dalia’s special interests on the side of art are martial arts, drawing abstract and realistic things, and is currently taking a jewelry class which she enjoys very much.

(Daniel): Daniel has always had an interest in art for the longest but he planned on majoring in music or some sort of art. His high school photo class changed what his interests were going to be because he realized his real passion was photography. Daniel is a transfer student from the College of Sequoias near Fresno. He assisted Dalia in this show because he was denied on his first application into the BFA of photography and is currently in the process of his second application. He stated his role in this gallery show is more complimentary to Dalia’s show. He says he doesn’t really have many hobbies outside of photography because he goes to school and works full time.

Formal Analysis: When walking into the gallery you must first pass a black curtain which leads into a small dark room with only one light which is facing one figure right down in the middle and a figure huddled into the corner. Surrounding these figures are multiple photos by the artists in which they said were photos that where found to have not “made the cut” by their professors and some that they even considered trash. There is one string in the middle of the gallery that also holds these photos and fibers that hold photos on the walls like picture frames.

Content Analysis: The name infraction serves as a response to an unfortunate event, the definition of infraction is doing things that goes against certain rules, laws, or regulations set forth by an institution and this whole gallery goes with the opposite of that. The example they gave was the photos that were placed in the gallery. Photos are supposed to be shown clean in frames but instead they used alternatives, like fiber string to hold the photo together. Most of the fibers in the middle of the gallery were all made by one string so if that one string was cut it would make everything fall down, thus making it very fragile. The figures in the show establish emotion and a more realistic feeling. It also kind of gives the audience an unsettling feeling. The figures were meant to illustrate the exact moment of receiving the news of being rejecting. Seeing the actual figures in real life and those figures being in the artists actual clothes gives an even deeper emotion.

My Experience: My experience with this gallery was that it was relatable not only to myself but to every single person. There is always that one or multiple times in your life where you are rejected by something or someone who is extremely important to you. It is the most unsettling  feeling you get when there is also absolutely nothing you can do about it. The pain and resentment you have toward everything around you is so real, you feel like the whole world is against you and you constantly think back to yourself “Was there anything I could have done better? Could I have changed the outcome if I would have done this differently?”

Week 8: Classmate Conversation- Yuli Torres


This is Yuli! We actually have each other for more than one class but we never knew! She is a second year student at Cal State Long Beach like myself and is currently undeclared. Yuli loves food and her favorite food is pizza. Yuli decided to take this class because she has always been interested in art and the history behind art. She finally got the opportunity to take this class and was super excited. Some of her favorite things are: food, cats, and listening to music. She doesn’t have a specific genre she listens to and pretty much likes everything 🙂 Yuli works at Forever21 and always tells me she can spot someone wearing forever21 clothes. She mentioned her job isn’t the best ever but she doesn’t mind what she does. Since meeting Yuli we’ve completed most of our artist conversations together and are always talking about how cool our different projects have been. Yuli’s dream is to have a pool of cats and lay with all of them.

Week 8: Japanese Garden Sketching


This is my sketch of the Japanese Garden. It’s not the cleanest sketch and as detailed as i wished it would have came out. I would have wanted to actually draw it with colored pencils but knowing me I could not have done that. I am a virgo and virgos are the biggest perfectionists. I love paying attention to detail so I would have needed to constantly erase. Overall, the sketch did not come out too bad. I found by doing this it actually really relaxed me. When I took art as a freshman in high school I remember being intimidated by all the other students in my class because they were all seniors and I was afraid my art would not be as great as theirs. After completing a few art pieces they loved it and at the end of the year my teacher actually wanted me to join the school’s advanced art class. So drawing this brought me back to that happy memory and made me realize how much I enjoy drawing and creating art. Concentrating on drawing this makes you forget about life for a minute and draws your focus to the beauty you are trying to create.

Week 7: Artist Conversation- Dolce Soledad Ibarra

Artist: Dolce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibition: Manos De Oro

Media: Projector, Found objects from broken lawn mowers, Her father’s tools

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website: none

About the Artist: Dolce is an undergraduate student at California State University, Long Beach. She is planning on graduating in the Spring of 2017 with her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture. Dolce grew up in Chino and began her college education at Chaffey College in order to start her general education classes and then eventually moved to CSULB. She grew a love for art when she got a job at a non-profit museum. She continued with that job for 5 years and worked on installing work, sculptures, and puppetry work. Most of her work consists of personal stories about her life.

Formal Analysis: When exploring the surrounding galleries, I became immediately attracted this particular gallery because of the music coming from it. Walking in you will notice straight ahead the project of a short documentary playing of Dolce’s father at work. All over the gallery were different pieces of lawn mowers and different tools used by him and his workers. The interesting thing was that the different pieces of tools were covered in a gold type of spray paint and it really made me curious as to why.

Content Analysis: Most of the gallery was based upon survivor’s guilt and the guilt that dolce has to live with being ashamed before of the type of job her dad had. Dolce has a guilty conscience because her father has such a demanding labor job and she feels it is a luxury that she is able to attend school and study something she wants which is art. She explained that her father suffers with guilt too because he wishes that his family was living in the states with him but instead they are out of state struggling with money. Dolce used to feel embarrassed because of the community she lived in when she was younger, she did not fit in with her other classmates and did not really talk about what her dad did for a living. The gold pieces represent a deeper connection between her and her father that they are both allergic to gold. She also incorporated gold into the pieces to elevate his work and show how beautiful it truly is.

Synthesis/My Experience: I think any person who has a family member that is or was an immigrant can relate to this. This connected with me very deeply because my grandparents and dad both came from Mexico illegally and are now citizens of the U.S. I remember hearing countless stories of the difficulties they had to go through to get to where they are today. I am extremely grateful for the work they have done to help me and give me the lifestyle that I have now. I became so emotional looking back and thinking about the true meaning of this gallery. This is definitely my favorite gallery I have seen so far and it is so touching. I appreciate Dolce so much for holding her father in such high regard because what he does truly is beautiful. This gallery has taught me to never be ashamed of where I come from and to appreciate and love my family and culture for what it is.


Week 6: Artist Conversation- Ryan Taber


Artist: Ryan Taber

Exhibition: Wood Exhibition

Media: Wood

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: none

About the Artist: Ryan Taber is a student in the California State University, Long Beach Wood Program. This wooden exhibition that he is a part of is fairly new and is apart of the exhibition with many other students who are also in the wood program at The Beach. The purpose of their gallery is to create unique designs and pieces with the wood but to also remain true to the true nature of the wood. They also are a group who considers ecology when creating their art. Ecology is the study of nature and their interactions with the environment around them.

Formal Analysis: My first impression of the gallery was that everything looked so different and unusual. I know wood pieces may all look different just because when they are created they might have unusual meanings we might not quite understand until the artist actual explains them. The piece that did stand out the most was the one created by Ryan because of the colors used. There was red, black, white, and brown in the piece. It had antennas attached to the top of the piece. Inside of the piece it had a light bulb. It looked quite similar to a paper lantern I have seen that people usually release into the sky during memorials or special celebrations

Content Analysis: The piece Ryan created was called “Of Light Remains”. After analyzing the way the piece looked I connected the purpose and ideas they have behind their pieces and creating them, to my own idea of what it would be. I thought it might have actually been a paper lantern with the same purpose to be released into the sky. When something contains light I always interpret it to being something positive. The back of the piece was open and on the bottom also had a piece of cloth attached that had a tribal pattern which made lead me to the location of a forest of open land in the middle of no where. Since their purpose is to create pieces that are connected to ecology this was my conclusion. The piece was a symbol of a culture that used pieces similar to this one to release into the sky during a celebration.

Synthesis/My Experience: My experience with this piece was that it was unique because it could have been interpreted in many different ways. I never really took much thought into art pieces made out of wood because I never considered the possibilities that wood could be. Art can also be very eco-friendly. After looking at this piece it made become a more positive and to always look on the bright side of things.